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About Us

We buy and sell vinyl records and have picked up a fair bit of knowledge over the years. This started as a hobby, collecting anything and everything, which my wife calls hoarding.

Initially, we started selling a small amount of records on Ebay, but due to their selling costs we decided to get our own website, but had 100% positive feedback on Ebay due to the quality of descriptions and our service.

Honesty is key to our service and we try to be as truthful and descriptive as possible with all of our records, but if you don’t feel our records match the descriptions, please let us know.

Some of our records don’t have photos but you can be assured that what we describe, is what you are getting and we try to play every record to ensure it’s plays clearly.

We have 100,000 records to sell, which will take some time to manage and list so be patient, but if you have any specific requests, let us know as we probably have it, in addition to thousands of children’s books, annuals and other rare books. Our collection contains some VERY rare records and books.

75,000 – 80,000 of our records are 7 inch vinyl in original sleeves.

House clearances is another service we provide, with the contents covering the cost of the clearing the house on a lot of occasions.